Warranty policy Quais Bertrand Inc.

Warranty Period 

Subject to the following, Quais Bertrand Inc. (“Quais Bertrand”) warrants that the products it manufactures and sells are free from any defects or manufacturing flaws and offers the following warranties applicable to the sold products (“Products sold”):

i. For aluminum dock structures and their welds: twenty (20) years of warranty from the date of purchase by the buyer from Quais Bertrand or one of its authorized dealers.

ii. For mechanical components and all other accessories related to the mechanism manufactured by Quais Bertrand: two (2) years of warranty from the date of purchase by the buyer from Quais Bertrand or one of its authorized dealers.


Warranty Application

The warranties offered by Quais Bertrand are limited to the initial buyer and cannot under any circumstances be transferred to any subsequent purchaser of the Products sold.

During the warranty period and only upon presentation of the purchase invoice for the Products sold, Quais Bertrand undertakes, at its discretion, to repair or replace (if repair is not feasible) the defective Products sold at no cost. It is at the discretion of Quais Bertrand to establish the applicable procedure to benefit from the warranty.

In all cases, the costs of uninstallation and/or transportation to send the Products sold to Quais Bertrand for repair or replacement, as well as handling or delivery fees or transportation costs to return the Products sold to the buyer after repair or replacement, are at the buyer’s expense at all times.


Buyer’s Use and Responsibility

The warranties offered apply within the framework of normal use of the Products sold, considering the normal uses for which they are intended, under normal usage and climatic conditions, and for which the Products sold were designed, all according to the assembly, installation, and usage instructions provided by Quais Bertrand.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the anchoring of a floating dock is sufficient. Quais Bertrand recommends that the buyer regularly checks the components of their installation and tightens bolts to ensure the safe use of the dock.


Specificity for Wood Coating

Due to their organic nature, wood surfaces are not covered by the warranties described above. Quais Bertrand is in no way responsible for splitting, warping, discoloration, swelling, or any other reactions of wooden posts, cables, or decking.


Warranty Exclusion

The warranties offered are limited and are further subject to the following limitations and exclusions, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no liability or recourse shall exist, and no warranty coverage shall apply in the following cases:

i. For any accidental damage caused, including by human action or inaction; or

ii. For any negligence, abuse, or rough, non-conforming, abnormal, or inadequate use by the buyer, as well as any deliberate or intentional action and any act of vandalism; or

iii. For any improper installation, improper adjustment, or inappropriate assembly; or

iv. For any improper storage of the Products sold by the buyer; or

v. For any modification, repair, or replacement of the Products sold that has not been carried out by Quais Bertrand or any third party authorized by it or any modification, repair, or replacement of the Products sold not authorized in advance by Quais Bertrand; or

vi. For any damage caused to the Products sold due to the condition of the waterbed in which the Products sold were installed; or

vii. In case of non-compliance with any warning notice or other notification concerning the Products sold, its installation, inspection, cleaning, or maintenance appearing on the Products sold themselves, their packaging, or in any manual provided by Quais Bertrand; or

viii. If the identification numbers or marks on the Products sold have been changed or removed; or

ix. Any force majeure event or unexpected weather phenomenon (strong winds, heavy rains, high waves, etc.); or

x. Any damage caused by fresh water, salt water, or ice; or

xi. Transportation, installation, and uninstallation fees.


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