Choose your dock wisely

In most cases of residential configuration, the optimal solution is that of post docks. Post docks provide greater stability and thus more comfort.

However, certain specific residential situations require the installation of floating docks.

Here are the criteria to consider when choosing the most suitable solution:


Water depth

Less than 10 feet:

Docks on post

More than 10 feet:

Floating dock


Water level variation

Slow seasonal variation – Or stable level:

Dock on post with adjustable height option during the season

High seasonal variation or rapid fluctuation in a short period of time (dam):

Floating dock with rapid adjustment of anchor chains


Seabed condition

Hard, minimally muddy seafloor, slightly rocky:

Docks on post

Very muddy or with very large rocks:

Floating dock


Boat moored directly on the dock – Combined weight of watercraft

Less than 24′, less than 3500 lbs:

Docks on post

More than 24′, more than 4000 lbs:

Floating dock


Water plan

Sheltered from wind and waves:

Docks on post

Location very exposed to strong winds and waves:

Floating dock


In the case of configurations for large watercraft, multiple watercraft setups, water plans with particular conditions, specific mooring situations, or installations requiring different responses to the above questions, you may need to consider a hybrid installation (post/floating) or “commercial-grade” dock systems.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can assist you in identifying the best solution for your needs.

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