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When do I use a dock on posts versus a floating dock?

Floating dock: changing water levels, large boats, unstable marine soil, deep-water zones 
Dock on posts: water depth of 8 feet or less

Does red cedar have to be stained?

Red cedar is a very durable wood that does not rot. However, it does turn gray very quickly. Staining it would preserve its beautiful original colour, but would not help in prolonging its life span. Staining the wood every two years is recommended.

When should stabilizers be added?

It is recommended to add stabilizers in water starting at a depth of 3 feet. They will give your dock better stability.

How do I know which boat lift to choose?

Add up the weight of the boat, engine, fuel and accessories. Do not forget the weight of the water in the ballasts, if applicable.

Verify the size of the boat.

How do I choose my roofing?

Determine if your boat is a wakeboard, confirm the width of your lift, and choose a length that is a minimum of 2 feet longer than your boat in order to properly protect it from bad weather

Can I leave my dock or my lift in the water during the winter?

No. The expansion of the ice in the tubes will cause the product to bend or break. In addition, the warranty will become void.

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