Hydraulic Boat Lifts

Hydro‑lift HL10000

For average boat 28 to 34 ft

Finest technology!

Bertrand docks manufactures complete hydraulic boatlift. A nice way to protect your leisure boat with the finest technology, without physical effort

*It is possible to transform this model for pontoon boats


  • Enables you to lift and lower your boat with no physical effort
  • Easy assembly with minimum maintenance
  • Lightweight, durable structure)
  • The absence of cables eliminates the risk of wear and tear
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • All-aluminum structure with MIG-pulse welding
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Cylinders containing environmentally-friendly biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • 2 wireless remote lift mechanisms
  • Manual control included
  • 12V power supply and solar panel
  • Vertical entry guide included
  • Adjustable V-shaped bunk
  • 4-wheel transport kit for HL series included


  • Made for: Average boat of 28 to 34 ft
  • Capacity: 10000 lb
  • Width: 132 in
  • Weight: 810 lb
  • Legs: 48 in
  • Lift: 72 in


  • Canopy (T-13226, T-13228, T-13226WB, T-13228WB)
  • Adjustable legs with drill

*It is possible to transform this model for pontoon boats

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