Our floating docks for commercial use are a must for marinas, private yacht clubs, cities and other large projects.

You have a commercial dock project?  We have a custom solution for you.  Contact one of our sales professional immediately!


  • Aluminum structure, 6000 marine grade
  • Wide variety of lateral extruded aluminum profiles
  • Diagonal and transversal reinforcements for greater strength and stability
  • Sliding track system for easy installation of accessories
  • Connecting hinges on rails to allow easy width adjustments between fingers for different-sized boats.
  • Reinforced and semi-rigid elastomer Flexi-bloc hinge.
  • Buoyancy of 30 to 50 lb/pi (146 kg/m to 245 kg/m) or more, available on request.
  • Polyethylene rotomolded floats (HDPM) with a minimum of 3/16 in (5 mm) wall thickness. Filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) of 1 lb/pi3 (16 kg/m3) density or more, available on request
  • Freeboard from12 in to 24 in (300 mm to 600 mm) or more, available on request.
  • Decking options (red cedar, Thruflow plastic, X-Wave plastic and aluminium)


  • Optional utility channel and service stations for sanitary systems, electrical conduits and others.
  • Multiple mooring systems available: chains, pillars, vertical rails, horizontal anchor arms, cables, and much more
  • Transport wheels

Our commercial floating docks are a perfect match for large ships and ideal for water bodies with heavy navigation traffic and fast currents.

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